BerlikLaw LLC, Business Process Management

Case Results

  • Successfully briefed and argued Hotung v. Hotung in the Supreme Court of Virginia, obtaining reversal of $600,000 defamation judgment 
  • Won $1.1 million jury verdict against world’s largest management-software company

  • Successfully defended prominent blogger against defamation action brought by the World Mission Society Church of God, which was upset about certain critical statements the blogger made about the church on his blog and on Facebook.  The church sought damages in the amount of $25 million on theories of defamation, statutory business conspiracy, civil conspiracy, trade libel, tortious interference with a business expectancy, and negligent interference with a business expectancy.  The blogger claimed the statements were true, and assured the church that he would post documents obtained in discovery on his blog to demonstrate the truth of his allegations to the world.  Shortly after the World Mission Society lost its motion to prevent a public disclosure of its documents, the church dropped the case.
  • Obtained $400,000.00 settlement for telecommunications recruiting and placement firm in federal-court litigation involving claims of tortious interference with contract and business expectancy and misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Successfully defended an international corporation in a patent dispute filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Damages in excess of $3.2 million were claimed, but the case was settled shortly before trial on terms that involved zero damages (our client was not required to pay any amount of money to the opposing party)
  • Successfully obtained temporary restraining order and subsequent preliminary injunction in federal court under Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, enjoining threatened “shut down” of client’s website and mandating transfer of domain names and registrar account to client

  • In anonymous online defamation case, successfully tracked down and identified the individual posting the libelous content, then settled case on terms involving a public apology, retraction, and substantial monetary component
  • Obtained prompt dismissal of defamation action on behalf of blogger exercising First Amendment right to criticize public institutions
  • Prevailed on motion to create mirror-image copy of opponent’s personal computer in copyright-infringement case, which led to discovery of destruction of material evidence

  • Successfully removed non-productive LLC member from the company on terms very favorable to the business. The defendant offered to settle moments before the court was to issue a ruling.

  • Negotiated a six-figure settlement for a pedestrian struck by a negligent bicyclist in the District of Columbia.

  • Won a $55,860 judgment against a tenant who caused less than $12,000 in damage to the leased premises. The high damages award was the result of applying a relatively unknown “double damages” statute and also included an order that the tenant reimburse the landlord for all attorneys’ fees incurred.

  • Obtained favorable settlements “on the courthouse steps” for two telecommunications carriers in separate actions involving the planning and construction of wireless telecommunications facilities.