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Local Counsel in Virginia

Whether in need of local counsel for matters pending in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, or one of Virginia's many circuit courts, lawyers across the country often turn to AV-rated Virginia lawyer Lee Berlik to assist with their Virginia litigation cases.  Virginia civil procedure rules are rife with eccentricities, so having a knowledgeable and experienced Virginia attorney on your team will give you an enormous advantage. Here, our Virginia lawyers know when to "crave oyer"; we know which courts will grant summary judgment and which will not; and we are familiar with little-known traps that can lead to the denial of a motion to strike the evidence. We view our local counsel role as more than just an office through which to arrange filings. We know the Virginia courts and will help you and your legal team navigate this territory to your advantage.

The firm's main office is located in the heart of Northern Virginia near Reston Town Center and convenient to the Alexandria Division of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (the "Rocket Docket"), the Fairfax County Circuit Court, the Loudoun County Circuit Court, and many others. Our Virginia attorneys are familiar with all of them and, if you are a plaintiff or representing a plaintiff, can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Eastern District of Virginia, known as the Rocket Docket due to its aggressive scheduling practices and strict adherence to a "no continuance" policy, is one of the nation's fastest courts. Summary judgment is frequently granted within four months of filing, and trials are typically scheduled within 8 months of filing. In most cases--even complex commercial disputes--the court will expect you to have wrapped up discovery within 120 days. We are well-versed in both the Local Rules and the various pre-trial and standing orders that govern trial practice in Virginia's federal courts.

The Virginia lawyers at BerlikLaw have handled cases in the Alexandria, Richmond, and Norfolk divisions of the Rocket Docket and have appeared in virtually every state court in Northern Virginia. While our state-court practice focuses on Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Arlington County, we have also litigated cases in the City of Alexandria and City of Winchester, as well as the Virginia counties of Prince William, Clarke, Warren, Culpeper, Fauquier, Stafford, and Frederick.

Call Virginia lawyer Lee Berlik at 703-722-0588 for a no-obligation discussion of your need for lead or local counsel in Virginia.