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Internet Law and Technology

BerlikLaw represents e-commerce businesses, government contractors and subcontractors, and numerous other technology companies involved in high-tech fields such as website development, software programming, and information technology ("IT"). Our Virginia law firm is based in Fairfax County, which has a higher concentration of high-tech businesses than Silicon Valley and is home to the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the largest technology trade association in the United States. Our Internet lawyers practice throughout Virginia, often dubbed the "Internet Capital of the World". Because we understand your business and culture, we are better positioned than most law firms to formulate a practical approach to addressing your particular legal concerns.

If your company conducts business over the Internet, numerous legal issues may arise beyond merely protecting your trade secrets and intellectual property. You need comprehensive representation by an attorney familiar with the host of emerging legal issues frequently encountered by Internet companies and technology firms who conduct business over the web. Our Internet Law practice in Virginia involves the representation of e-commerce businesses and Internet professionals in the following Internet and Technology Law matters:

  • Intellectual Property. Counseling regarding the avoidance of copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Advertising and Marketing. Legal advice regarding liability for false advertising and related claims.
  • Enforcement of domain-name rights. Resolution of ownership issues and other domain name disputes.
  • Auditing website content for potential legal problems.
  • Breach of Contract. If another party claims a technology contract has been breached, our Virginia e-commerce lawyers can help.
  • Product Liability. Manufacturers and distributors of products sold over the Internet may be liable if their products cause injury to others.
  • Internet Defamation. Whether defamatory remarks are posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buzz, MySpace, or elsewhere on the Internet, our Internet lawyers will take appropriate action to have the defamatory content removed and protect your good name and reputation.
  • Internet Fraud. Stay protected from allegations of unfair business practices such as misrepresentation, fraud and breach of privacy.
  • Advice and counseling relating to online liability of consultants, professionals, and other IT service providers.
  • Responding to Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") content complaints.

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