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The BerlikLaw Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship

BerlikLaw, LLC, is pleased to announce the Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship for the 2024-2025 school year. The scholarship is intended to provide both financial assistance and a bit of free publicity to talented, creative law students interested in practicing law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Current law students interested in trial practice and litigation are especially encouraged to apply.

BerlikLaw is a Virginia law firm that helps individuals and small businesses resolve their disputes, whether through informal mediation, arbitration, or in the courtroom. Its primary practice areas include business litigation, libel and slander, and disputes over non-competition agreements.

Scholarship Award:

One scholarship of $ 1,500.00 will be awarded annually.


Any current law student at an accredited law school within the United States is eligible for the Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship, but preference is given to individuals who (a) are from Virginia, (b) received their undergraduate degrees from a Virginia college or university, and/or (c) attend law school in Virginia.

How to Apply:

Scholarship applicants are asked to do the following:

  1. Complete a biographical information form and email it to
  2. Record a video, 2–3 minutes in length, that relates in some way to one of the following subjects: (1) the adversarial system of justice; (2) mandatory arbitration agreements in consumer contracts; (3) the role of the First Amendment in online discourse; or (4) the reasons Virginia is the ideal place to practice law. Record the video in a YouTube-compatible format.
  3. Publish the video to your YouTube channel. Title the video “BerlikLaw Future Virginia Lawyer Scholarship” and link to the firm’s Scholarship page ( in the description.
How to Win:

First, Virginia lawyer and firm founder Lee Berlik will select his three favorites from among the submissions and post these three videos on the firm’s Facebook page. Consideration will be given to originality, clarity of expression, creativity, intellectual appeal, and entertainment value. Once the three finalists have been selected, it becomes a contest to generate the most social-media buzz! The scholarship will be awarded to the creator of the video that generates the highest number of authentic Facebook “likes” by January 15, 2024. (Note: If, in the sole discretion of the firm, any of the “likes” appear to be generated by robots or other fake accounts, the winner will be selected by Lee Berlik without regard to number of “likes.” (See for more information on fake likes).

Submission Deadline:

Your information form must be received, and your video must be uploaded to YouTube, by December 15, 2023. The winner of the scholarship will be announced after January 15, 2024.

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