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BerlikLaw focuses on obtaining favorable results for its clients, both inside and outside the courtroom. Comprised of AV-rated Virginia trial lawyer Lee E. Berlik and a small team of "of counsel" attorneys, the firm is ranked in the top 3% of United States litigation firms. In 2017, Berlik received Martindale-Hubbell's "Gold Client Champion" award, based on the large number of positive reviews from his clients. Fewer than 1% of attorneys receive this award. In both 2012 and 2013, Virginia Business Magazine recognized Berlik as among the best litigation lawyers in Virginia (according to a survey of other Virginia attorneys), including him in its annual list of Virginia's Legal Elite. The firm is included in Best Attorneys Online and was selected in 2011 as one of the best intellectual property law firms in the Washington region. Clients trust us for advice in matters ranging from pre-litigation strategies and solutions to advice with respect to when and how to try cases. The philosophy at BerlikLaw is to approach each case as though it will be tried, not settled. While most cases should, in fact, be settled, early trial preparation tends to lead to better results whether at the settlement table or in court, and sends a message to the other side that the outcome of the case will be guided by sound business considerations, not by the fear of trial that other litigation firms have.

We are a litigation boutique devoted entirely to trial practice and the resolution of business disputes. The firm does not employ entry-level attorneys. Rather, it staffs each case with experienced, skilled trial lawyers, most of whom have backgrounds with large law firms in D.C. and Northern Virginia. Here, we put a premium not only on results but on winning efficiently and cost-effectively. While the firm's commitment to winning is unyielding, it is tempered by business sense. We thoroughly analyze our clients' goals and approach each piece of litigation with a carefully considered strategy designed to maximize results at a minimum of expense. Whether we are representing a Fortune 500 business or a single-member LLC, we counsel all our clients in identifying the risks, determining a course of action, and managing the litigation costs.

Here at BerlikLaw, the emphasis is on quality over quantity, as we consistently strive to accomplish our clients’ objectives as efficiently as possible, keeping unnecessary paperwork to a minimum. We discourage useless motions and unfocused discovery practice. Instead, we focus on getting results for our clients in a manner that makes sense.

Berlik is known primarily for his defamation (libel and slander) expertise, but he also maintains an active business litigation practice covering a wide range of business disputes and legal problems such as theft of trade secrets, tortious interference with business relationships, non-compete violations, breaches of contract and fiduciary duty, and business conspiracy. Large companies and small businesses alike count on BerlikLaw to take these cases to trial because of the demonstrated ability of Berlik and the firm's affiliated "of counsel" lawyers to understand complex issues and present those issues to the judge and jury in easy-to-understand language, to position cases for maximum trial advantage, and to argue the law persuasively.

The firm is a leader in innovative, win-win billing arrangements. Clients want to resolve their lawsuits expeditiously, economically and efficiently. Most large law firms cannot accomplish these objectives because they insist on billing their clients by the hour and at astronomical rates. The firm recognizes and appreciates that the traditional billable-hour arrangement provides no predictability of cost for the client, often does not reflect the best value to the client, and can result in itemized bills that tend to report mechanical functions rather than the value of progress made in the case. To remedy these shortcomings, the firm offers (in appropriate cases) blended rates, volume discounts, flat fees, contingency fees, capped fees, safety valves, success fees, and more. When the firm does bill by the hour, it does so at very reasonable rates.

At BerlikLaw, we believe that effective communication is vital to a successful attorney-client relationship. We take your calls and respond promptly to your emails, usually within one business day. Our clients receive reliable, responsive service and are involved at every step along the way. We answer your questions, provide frequent status updates, and take full ownership of the matters you entrust to us. We deliver personalized service and top quality work at very reasonable rates. Give us a try and reduce your company's legal costs. Serving clients is what we do.

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