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"Lee Berlik is one of the single most competent, capable and compassionate people I've met in this or any other industry. In our initial consultation, he immediately put me at my ease with his calm professionalism and thorough knowledge of the law, coupled with kindness and empathy for my very difficult situation. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but he'll always tell you the truth with transparency and kindness -- and his advice is grounded in solid legal expertise. A consult with Lee -- for his cool head and clear, logical perspective alone -- is worth every penny, and was a solid value; he even graciously offered to recommend other attorneys to me if I needed to go in a different direction. He responds nearly immediately to communication and is patient and thorough when explaining legal language and proceedings. If you're on the fence, hire him -- I can't recommend him highly enough."  D.P., Boerne, TX

"I had occasion to consult with Mr. Berlik on a defamation matter (I am an attorney myself and needed the advice of a specialist), and found his knowledge on the subject matter to be encyclopaedic.  Additionally, he is exceptionally incisive and approachable.  I rank him in the top tier of practice ability and give him my unqualified recommendation." -R.S., Arlington, Virginia

"I hired Mr. Berlik for a Defamation of Character case placed upon me due to a Google review I wrote about a company. He expedited the case and had it dismissed and my lawyer fees reimbursed.  He is extremely knowledgeable, and a fantastic attorney and I was very lucky to have had him represent me."  -L.A., Reston, Virginia

"Business partnership is just like marriage. Breaking it up is just like a divorce! We went through a rough time to get enough data and evidence to pursue legal actions. Mr Berlik and Ms Baker were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and ethical about how to proceed from a cost-saving approach to litigation. We completely trust Berlik’s judgement. Mr Berlik and Ms Baker were firm when needed yet very professional when dealing with the other party.  They hired professionals to give enough support at a separate costs and to help us to a successful settlement. We couldn’t be happier to close a chapter of our lives and at the same time to achieve a win. We feel that Mr Berlik and Ms Baker are not only working very well with us, connecting with us to clearly understand our needs and wants as a client, but also great personal advocates to lead us through this emotional roller coaster successfully. I will be happy to talk to anyone who have questions about our experience with Mr Berlik and Ms Baker."  -T.H.N., Centreville, Virginia

"Just a brief note to express my appreciation to Lee for his expert guidance and professionalism in connection with a sensitive matter that could easily have ended up in litigation. He shared his knowledge and wisdom in a way that allowed me to achieve a positive outcome without having to file a lawsuit. I'm an attorney myself, with many years of experience, and I would highly recommend Lee to anyone seeking litigation counsel and advice in DC or Virginia."  -Anonymous Google review

"The initial consultation was well worth the money spent!  Lee was extremely professional, thorough and provided insightful guidance.  There was a potential threat of litigation related to a non-complete, which we believe to be non-enforceable, overly broad and lacking a meeting of the minds.  Upon initial discussions, he gathered all the facts up front and took notes on possible motives, loopholes, and issues with the contract allegedly signed as well.  He provided a technical analysis of all the facts and details before him, without jumping to quick decisions or a sales pitch for a retainer.  His initial guidance was a well worded response to the threatening letters, hopefully avoiding unnecessary and costly litigation."  -R.T., Fairfax, Virginia

"I was the target of a malicious, defamatory Google Review perpetrated by the son of an envious business competitor. The person alleged that they were a patient in my practice and experienced a very bad medical outcome as the result of an office visit.  In fact the poster had never been a patient in my office and the review was clearly calculated to destroy my reputation and prejudice me in the eyes of my profession.  After studying the websites of many law firms it became obvious that Lee Berlik was uniquely qualified to deal with this type of cybercrime. A very gracious, articulate, compassionate and well written man, his Virginia Defamation Blog is an outstanding resource for the latest rulings and case decisions in this high tech area of the law. He explained in detail the intricacies both pro and con of litigation and presented a comprehensive plan to counter the threat. Following my decision to proceed with legal action against the wrongdoer and his father, I felt complete peace of mind and confidence that Lee would resolve the matter quickly, decisively, affordably and in my favor. Lee’s quick cease and desist response by Overnight Delivery to the two respondents and Google, Inc., Legal Investigation Support produced immediate results. Within two days the malicious Google Review came down. By nature I am an altruistic person who genuinely loves his profession, his practice, his staff and his patients. I hope that the profoundly disturbed doctor has learned from this experience that libel, defamation, envy, hate and greed are like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die."  -E.W., Alexandria, Virginia

"Lee Berlik reviewed several employment contract documents for me and provided Legal review and Legal Opinions on the contract as well as areas and strength of enforceability.  Lee was quick to respond and was well prepared with the legal review when we had our meeting.  I found Lee to be very organized and articulate. Lee was very clear in his communication for all of the pertinent areas of the contract and he made sure to highlight the most important aspects that I should be concerned with.  Lee also provided advice on my options for future follow up. I will use Lee again and would highly recommend him for legal assistance and services."  -J.W., Fairfax County, Virginia

"Back around 2010 our company was involved in two lawsuits at the same time. Lee Berlik led the larger litigation and worked tirelessly on our case for about a year, plus a whole week of courtroom trial. The other party utilized a larger firm and paid probably 3x as much as we did for representation, and got pretty low quality help. (I believe the primary attorney that other firm put on the case was an associate only one-year out of law school!) That suit ended in our favor and has helped propel the company to considerable heights now 7 years later. I rarely give 5-stars to anything/anyone, but Lee is in that super-rare category of person who goes above and beyond for his clients. We feel that he took our situation about as personally as we did. It's worth the world to have someone truly in your corner who cares and has your back during the immense stress and emotion that comes with lawsuits. Lee is that someone. That suit took incredible amounts of time and energy and so over the last handful of years we have applied a policy that leans more toward conflict resolution through negotiated settlement. That said, if push comes to shove, we will be calling Lee - our mild-mannered bulldog."  - "Victor Bravo", on Google Local

"I simply wanted to express my thanks to you and your staff for maintaining the Virginia Defamation Blog. I am currently involved in a defamation matter in Pulaski County with an out-of-state defendant. I successfully challenged two separate special pleas for jurisdiction. I have gone forward pro se; he retained two attorneys. My complaint was for Defamation. His counter suit was for Defamation, Tortious Business Interference and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. Thanks to the insights and case citations available on your blog, I was able to adequately and easily research applicable rulings that I was able to use in pursuit of my claim and defense of his ridiculous counterclaim. Just two days ago I received another favorable ruling that dismissed nearly the entire counterclaim including Counts II and II in their entirety. The remaining matters are truthful and will be easy to defend. I couldn't have pursued this, nor done so well to date, without the incredible resource your blog has been. You helped level the playing field for an average everyday nobody and restored my confidence in your profession. Bravo!"  -D.R., Pulaski County, Virginia

"Surprising to me, a person I did not know --though she knew my partner -- anonymously pursued a three month online campaign to get me fired posting thousands of heinous libelous false statements about me professionally and personally. Professional colleagues, my boss, and board members all read the lies and character defamation. When my boss brought the posts to my attention, I researched and called 'experts' in cyber law including a Harvard Law professor I know who had successfully prosecuted a cyber case in front of the Supreme Court. They all said the same thing, 'The law is unclear in these cases, and web sites hide behind the freedom of information law to avoid accountability for taking down false, hateful posts'. I then came upon a lawyer who was the victim of a similar character attack posted on one of the same bottom-feeder, lowest-common-denominator websites where some of the posts about me were. This bright young woman stood up and got the law changed in Virginia to help victims, mostly girls and women, from this type of online sociopatholgy. While she could not take me on as a client, she referred me to Lee Berlik, a very experienced competent libel and cyber lawyer and litigator in Northern Virginia. Lee turned out to be amazing. I provided him with the evidence, and he immediately gave me excellent legal counsel and we pursued a case. ... Lee's competency, skills, compassion and responsiveness provided relief from and victory over being a victim of cyber crime. I unequivocally recommend him as a lawyer, particularly for those victimized by cyber libel. There is a solution, and Lee helps you get to it with your dignity intact."  -S.G., Herndon, Virginia

“Last fall, Mr. Berlik assisted our family with, what was for us, a major lawsuit involving business, commercial property, and management agreements. Throughout the anxiety-provoking, frustrating ordeal, Mr. Berlik was the consummate professional. Always calm and pleasant, he helped us to navigate litigation that two previous law firms had muddled seemingly irreparably. He was in constant communication with us, returning phone calls/emails/correspondence promptly and went to great lengths to ensure that we understood our various legal options -though he was juggling several cases, he made us feel like we were the only clients of his firm. He is clearly a highly skilled litigator that knows when to be aggressive and when to pursue alternative options; his legal acumen and experience won us a highly favorable outcome. Most importantly, I am deeply grateful to Mr. Berlik for his patience and respect for diversity; though I am a second-generation immigrant and had little difficulty understanding the process (once it was explained), my parents, as first-generation immigrants who speak little English, had struggled with previous firms that cared more about billing hours than spending the time and effort needed to communicate with folks for whom English is not their first language. Mr. Berlik is just a fantastic person to work with -sharp and experienced, but kind and understanding. He receives our highest recommendation and I'm sure that you will not be disappointed.”  - A. Lee, Fairfax, Virginia

"I live in Texas and was sued for 30 million dollars in Virginia. The case became a nightmare for me and my family. The case was pretty much baseless, but it was important that I defended myself legally or get a 30 million judgment against me. I hired one large law firm and then a second large law firm with 2 attorneys on the case at the first firm and 3 attorneys on the case at the second firm. I ended up paying attorney bills for 1 attorney writing, reading, reviewing and then a second attorney going over that and reading, writing, reviewing and making changes and yep you guessed it a third attorney back over all again and then billed for time of all three attorneys. This case had been going on for about a year and I had paid the two law firms about $130000.00 and told it would be possibly more than that to go forward and to trial. My breaking point was when I asked the lead attorney at the Second law firm his thoughts on the merits and strength of my case. His answer indicated to me he was hardly even familiar with my case. Then I started reading up on Virginia Civil Law and realized the two large law firms had not done a couple things that may have either had the case dismissed or at least the scope narrowed. I became afraid of my attorneys and felt trapped. However, during my research I came across information on Lee Berlik and liked what I read about him and called and made an appointment to have a phone conference with him. During that conference Lee said "the case should have probably been thrown out" then as our conversation went on I thought this is certainly the attorney I wanted on my case. Lee went to work right away and got up to speed on the case and the lack of merits of the other side and the tons of merits etc. on my side. Lee had my case settled in about 2 months. It would have been even sooner had the other side not dragged their feet. I am very happy with the settlement and I am extremely thankful for Lee Berlik and his honesty, work ethic and restoration in my faith of Virginia Civil Law. Lee not only settled my case, but he would from time to time without prompting tell me to not worry, have a good weekend with my kids and we would get this resolved. I would recomend Lee Berlik as an attorney you can count on and trust and by the way his billing was more than fair and reasonable."  - J.K., Daingerfield, Texas

“Lee Berlik handled a breach of contract case for me against a defendant who fought every attempt to resolve the case in a reasonable manner. Lee was a superb client advocate and at all times I felt he was handling the case in my absolute best interest while still managing my expectations. I was very happy with his communication with me (especially since I was 3000 miles away!) and even more impressed with the way he managed the defendant's legal counsel and their delay tactics. Before this litigation, I had never been involved in the legal process but Lee explained the need for and implications of each action and made sure I felt comfortable with each step. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone looking for legal assistance!” -B.E., Oregon

“Mr. Berlik assisted me in a lawsuit involving failed commercial property and loan associated with it, he was very helpful during the whole process, explained my situation and the remedies available to me.  He came up with two different alternatives for my situation and explained the pros and cons of each and also the cost involved and also recommended the best alternative which turned out to be the less expensive one.  I am very happy with his advice and outcome and grateful that he was able to get me out of this sticky situation.  Needless to say, I would recommend Mr. Berlik to anyone in a similar situation.”  -Client, Prince William County case

“Please note our appreciation for the efficient and effective counsel you provided in the matter of my rights as a contract employee. You quickly analyzed the information I outlined regarding my employment situation. My husband and I left feeling so much better and we are pursuing your excellent advice! We would recommend your services to anyone with a legal issue in the State of Virginia!”  -C.F., Fairfax, Virginia

"I am so glad I hired Lee Berlik to fight an insurance company on my behalf.  Lee provided valuable insight, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and clearly knew how to present the facts of my case in the best possible light.  His expertise, communication, and professionalism are truly exceptional.  As far as I'm concerned, Lee Berlik is the best lawyer in Virginia!  Hopefully I will not be involved in litigation again any time soon, but if I am, I know I will turn to Lee Berlik once again."  -L.S., Wilmington, DE.

“I run an entertainment company and…found [Lee Berlik] to be top notch. In one particular matter with Lee, the term ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ aptly describes his effort. In the end, Lee helped us gain a favorable outcome in that matter even though the other side utilized a larger firm, more attorneys, and a battery of dirty tricks. That particular process was tedious, but we’re happy to have had Lee hold our hand throughout it all.” -D.L., Haymarket, Virginia

“In this day and age of technology and lack of personal service, I found Lee Berlik to be very personable and respondent to my needs. My particular case had some interesting subtleties but Lee not only understood what I needed to settle my case, he worked with me to attain an excellent resolution on my behalf as the case evolved. He definitely understood my needs more than the other parties counsel. I was very impressed that I felt Lee was not out to ‘bill time’ only interested in resolving my case. If and when asked, I will definitely recommend Lee Berlik to friends.” -M.K., Leesburg, Virginia

"Lee and his staff provided excellent representation on a complex legal issue. His firm was very thorough, prompt with every aspect of my representation, and perhaps most importantly, provided the correct strategy to navigate this legal challenge.  I am beyond thrilled with the representation and I feel that every aspect of my case work was handled with skill and professionalism."  -G.T., Phoenix, Arizona

"Lee Berlik handled a property encroachment issue for me with great ability and professionalism. He responded quickly and helped to resolve the issue effectively. He outlined the options for resolution, consulted with me as appropriate, and provided effective representation. I would recommend him highly."  -H.S., Fairfax, Virginia

“While practicing as a corporate attorney, I relied upon Lee's expertise as a litigator in connection with corporate clients who found themselves in some form of litigation or court proceeding. Lee always did excellent work, kept me informed, and ultimately yielded great results for my clients.” -David Fuentes, Esq., Principal at ProCompliance Advisory Group, LLC, Miami, Florida

“I’ve only had the pleasure of working with Lee on one occasion. However, I walked away from that experience feeling that I had been well represented. Lee was extremely knowledgeable regarding the subject matter. He took the time to understand the specifics of my case, he digested in the information in a timely manner and then came back and presented me with a number of viable options to include the pros and cons of each. Based on my experience, Lee seems to be a very proactive attorney. He engages with the client and plots a rational course of action. If needed, I would happily seek Lee’s services again. In addition, I would recommend him to my family and friends. He reminds me of the All-State slogan …. ‘You’re in good hands’” -B.S., Leesburg, Virginia

"Lee listened to my situation attentively and was able to establish an effective plan for resolution of my issues. He was forthright in his approach to reaching a solution quickly and most cost effectively on my behalf."  -W.P., Newport News, Virginia

“It was a great pleasure working with Lee Berlik and his associates.  They achieved exactly the result I was hoping for, and charged me only a low flat fee.  Lee answered all my questions quickly and thoughtfully.  I will stay with his firm forever!”  -M.R., Fairfax, Virginia 

"We were very impressed with Mr. Berlik. He consistently went above and beyond our expectations throughout the representation. Lee's tenacity led to our satisfactory completion of the matter. We will definitely want Mr. Berlik on our side in any future matters."  -Small Business Client, Northern Virginia