BerlikLaw LLC, Business Process Management

Payment Options

BerlikLaw accepts virtually all forms of payment. All major credit cards are accepted, but only for transactions of $1000 or less. Fees and costs in higher amounts may be paid by wire transfer, personal check, business check, or eCheck/ACH. Specific payment instructions for different scenarios are presented below.

Mail in a Check: Checks can be used for both retainer deposits and bill payments. All paper checks should be mailed to BerlikLaw, LLC, 1818 Library Street, Suite 500, Reston, Virginia 20190. 

Electronic payments are generally faster than mailing paper checks. Below are several options for making online and other electronic payments.

Pay for a Consultation: Payment for in-person consultations is usually collected at the time of the meeting. For remote consultations conducted over Zoom, WebEx, or telephone, payment is collected in advance. To pay for a remote consultation with one of our attorneys, please visit our payment portal and submit the required information to pay by either eCheck or credit card.  

Make a Retainer Deposit: To replenish the retainer online, please visit, click the "eCheck" tab under "Payment Information," and fill in the required information. Users of Google Pay may also make retainer deposits by directing them to in the Google Pay app.

Pay an Invoice: If you're received an invoice from the firm and wish to pay it online rather than mail in a check, please click here to access our payment portal, click the "eCheck" tab under "Payment Information," and fill in the required information. If the amount due is $1000 or less, you may also click the "Card" tab and enter your credit card information.