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Loudoun County Information

The firm maintains an office in Leesburg, Virginia, the seat of Loudoun County, to make it more convenient for our lawyers to meet with their Loudoun-based clients. Loudoun County, along with neighboring Fairfax County, where the firm's main office is located, consistently ranks as one of the top five richest counties in the United States, as measured by median household income. Loudoun is located just 25 miles from Washington D.C. and is known for its outstanding quality of life, its excellent schools, and for the large number of international technology, communications, and transportation companies headquartered here. Bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Potomac River, Loudoun County enjoys beautiful scenery, rich history, and a strong sense of community. Washington Dulles International Airport is located in Loudoun County, just 15 minutes from Leesburg, the county seat.

Commonly misspelled as "Loudon County," Loudoun (pronounced LOUD-un) is estimated to have a population of nearly 300,000 people, a 71% increase since 2000. It is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States, despite its decidedly rural roots. For more than two centuries, Loudoun maintained a relatively constant population of about 20,000, which did not begin to change until Dulles International Airport was build in the early 1960s. Prior to that time, agriculture was the county's predominant way of life.

Today, the firm's attorneys meet the legal needs of Loudoun businesses of all sizes by offering a full range of legal services and by taking on the most complex and challenging issues with which they are faced. Business services include arbitration and litigation, intellectual property enforcement, employment and human resources issues, business contracts, and numerous other legal services. The firm's Loudoun County location is located in downtown Leesburg, in the heart of the county's historic district and within walking distance from the courthouse.

The firm's success is grounded in its devotion to its clients and to the collaborative process. If a matter is important to our clients, it is important to us. Along with deep subject-matter expertise and an outside-the-box approach to developing legal solutions, BerlikLaw is distinguished by its frequent willingness to enter into alternative billing arrangements with its corporate clients, avoiding the problems that so often accompany the traditional hourly billing arrangement. Such agreements often include flat fees, success fees, and contingency fees.

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